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Trending Now: Coca-Cola launches milk brand with racy ads; Restaurant tests subconscious menu

Fairlife Milk ad. (Source: Fairlife) Fairlife Milk ad. (Source: Fairlife)
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Coca-Cola launches milk brand with racy ads

Coca-Cola says its new milk product contains more protein and calcium and less sugar than normal milk, but those health claims aren't why it's garnering buzz online.

Consumers are crying foul over “Fairlife” Milk's new advertising campaign featuring a series of naked women wearing splashes of milk as dresses.

The photos are accompanied by the captions ‘Drink what she's wearing' and ‘Milk looks good on you.' Some even have the pin-up style women standing on scales.

“A lesson in how NOT to launch an ad campaign from @CocaCola with their @fairlife milk. A woman on scales?! So bored.” Wrote one twitter critic.

Fairlife has responded, saying this particular ad campaign is phasing out in preparation for beverage's January launch.

Pizza Hut tests eye-gazing menu

Picking the perfect pizza toppings from an endless amount of toppings can be daunting. So Pizza Hut has come up with a way to seemingly read your mind and decide for you.

Called a “Subconscious Menu,” the tablet-based menu tracks eye movements and selects toppings based on where you gaze lingers. The company says the eye-tracking only takes 2.5 seconds to determine which pizza toppings you desire.

What if you hate olives, yet happen to glance at them on the menu? Pizza Hut maintains the technology's accuracy, claiming that tests have showed a 98% success rate. But if customers aren't happy with their pizza, they're able to start the eye-tracking over or they can simply order the typical way.

The Subconscious Menu took six months to develop with Tobii Technology, a Swedish company that specializes in eye-tracking. Pizza Hut has not disclosed when the menus will be used in stores.

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