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Trending Now: Parents cancel Christmas; Owl takes a swim

Lisa posted this image of her children to the blog. ( Lisa posted this image of her children to the blog. (
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Couple cancels Christmas, causes controversy 

A couple's decision to cancel Christmas sparked a debate online after the mother posted a now-viral blog explaining why their sons wouldn't be receiving gifts.

‘Entitled' and ‘disrespectful' are words Lisa Henderson, of Utah, used to describe her kids' behavior this year.

"We gave them good warning, either it was time for their behavior to change or there would be consequences," wrote Lisa wrote on Over the Big Moon blog. Those consequences are a Santa-free Christmas.

Lisa goes on to explain that she and her husband will use money that would have been spent on Christmas gifts for helping the needy instead.

Internet comments are split on the Henderson's decision with one side calling the couple scrooges, while the other says they're champions for parents everywhere.

“Just another adult expecting a child NOT to act like a child. Great job, take the magic away and force them into reality,” one person wrote in the blog's heated comment section.

“The greatest gift of all is giving. I wish when my children were young I would of thought to do this instead,” wrote a supporter.

The massive attention directed at the blog post led Lisa to issue an update defending her decision.

“The reason I wrote this post is I want to empower parents to feel like it's okay to take a stand. I think half of the reason we as parents are afraid to take a stand, is because we don't want our kids to feel like they have the mean parents,” she wrote. Read her entire post, titled ‘Why My Husband and I cancelled Christmas,' here.

Swimming owl captured in video

“Owls can swim?”

That was the collective question posed by the internet this week thanks to a video of a great horned owl swimming in Lake Michigan.

The 8-second video has garnered nearly half a million views in only two days. (Watch here if you're on a mobile device)

A photographer filmed the owl on Sunday as it did a graceful breast stroke through the water.

It had reportedly been forced into the water by two peregrine falcons. A bird rescue group responded but the owl flew away.

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