TiVo launching new, untethered service

First there was TiVo -- now there's TiVoToGo. The digital video company that changed the way many people watch T-V is offering a new service today. Subscribers will be able to transfer recorded shows to P-Cs or laptops and take them on the road, as long as there are no specific copy restrictions. TiVoToGo will be an automatic upgrade for people with stand-alone Series2 TiVo digital video recorders. It won't work for subscribers with DirecTV-TiVo satellite boxes. TiVo officials have tried to strike a balance between what they consider consumers' rights and Hollywood's copyright concerns. An access code and password is assigned to each user's account, essentially restricting the transferring and playback of shows to household members with the same code. The company says users who try to swap files could lose their accounts.