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Rep. Alicia Reece introduces toy gun bill

Ohio State Representative Alicia Reece has sent a letter to popular toy gun manufacturers asking to help differentiate toy guns from real firearms.

Reece has introduced Ohio House Bill 681 (John Crawford's Law) that would require all BB guns, air rifles, and airsoft guns sold in Ohio be colored or have prominent florescent strips.

The bill comes after two young males in Ohio, John Crawford III and Tamir Rice, were shot and killed by police officers after replica guns in their possession were mistaken for actual guns.

“These tragic misunderstandings have strained relationships between local communities and the justice system,” Reece says in the letter to the manufacturers. “I hope you will agree that it seems appropriate that we develop a strategy to keep our kids and law enforcement officers safe by preventing confusion between perceived and actual threats with firearms.”

The bill has 13 co-sponsors.

“This legislation is necessary to make sure that a tragedy like the one that took my son John Crawford III's life never happens again,” John Crawford, Jr. said in support of the bill.

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