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Hamilton Co. Commissioners approve $40,000 Harley Davidson police motorcycles

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office has been approved for new motorcycles The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office has been approved for new motorcycles

Hamilton County Sheriff's Department is getting two new motorcycles. Hamilton County Commissioners approved the $40,000 purchase Wednesday for two new 2015 Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles.

Commissioner Greg Hartmann was skeptical at first.

“We are in lean times, we've been in difficult budgets, and this next budget for next year that we just finished is no different,” Hartmann said.

In an email to Hamilton County Sheriff Neil, Hartmann asked for an explanation for the purchase before his vote. He also made it known that the county is strapped for cash.

The email read:

As you are aware, the Sheriff's Department budget represents approximately one-third of the County General Fund. A majority of the Board of Commissioners approved last week another difficult budget for all County departments in 2015 that included significant financial assistance ($2.2 million) to your Department to help balance the budget, while most County departments will realize a decrease in 2015.

Commissioner Hartmann was also concerned about the request after the sheriff recently threatened to close two floors of the county jail because of budget issues.

“It struck me as questionable timing, right after passing a difficult general fund budget that I thought we worked in great lengths to make the sheriff have a budget that he could live with and live within,” he said.

Hartmann says his questions were answered by the sheriff and he was happy to approve the measure alongside the other commissioners to aid public safety.

“I think these motorcycles for the public safety perspective and for officer safety. When you talk about replacing a 14 year old motorcycle with basically the same model only new, that's safer for the officer on it,” he said.

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