Who's Your Daddy?

"Who's Your Daddy?" -- THAT guy

She was given up for adoption at six weeks, but a young woman knew the answer to the question, "Who's Your Daddy?" TJ Myers correctly picked her biological father from among seven imposters during a 90-minute special on Fox Television. She pocketed 100-thousand dollars. The program was soaked with tears, and at times resembled another reality TV show, "The Bachelor." There were candles, and Myers wore a slinky black dress. The big reunion was followed by a surprise appearance of Myers' biological mother, and her father's three other daughters. There was only a brief mention at the beginning of the people who raised Myers from an infant. That was one of the reasons adoption advocates condemned the show so strongly.

Ultimately, only one Fox affiliate -- in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina -- refused to air the show.