Father-Son Deployed

Marine father and son will serve together in Iraq

A Marine from Kansas will soon be going back to Iraq -- and his Dad's going, too. Major Christopher Phelps and his father, Kendall, have their orders and will soon head to Iraq for seven months, where they'll serve in the same unit. They will help Iraqi officials restart school systems, re-establish local governments, train police and repair infrastructure. Both men are leaving families behind. Kendall Phillips is 57 and has been in a war zone before -- he served a tour in Vietnam. After Nine-Eleven, he volunteered to be called up again.

Last year, Christopher Phelps, who's 34, sent home a photo of himself from Baghdad. He was holding a sign that said, "Dad, wish you were here."

A spokesman says the Corps doesn't keep records on how many fathers and sons serve in the same unit, but it's rare.