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Will Cincinnati have a white Christmas?

(Source: Instagram/@ig_md34) (Source: Instagram/@ig_md34)
CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati hasn't experienced a true White Christmas since 2010 when 1.1 inches of snow fell on top of the four inches already covering the ground.

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas for 2014? You might want to keep dreaming, history says.

16.9 percent is the historical odds of having a true Cincinnati White Christmas, meaning there is one inch or more of snow on the ground. We've met that criteria 11 times since 1948.

An inch of snow actually falling on Christmas day has only happened 10 times in the past 155 years.  However, snow has fallen 23.2 percent of Christmases since 1858 – even if the falling snow was only a trace amount.

The most epic White Christmas on record was 2009 when nine inches of snow covered the ground.

Check out the entire White Christmas statistics compiled by FOX19 NOW Chief Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer here.

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