Hollywood Donates To Tsunami Victims

Actress Sandra Bullock donates a million dollars for tsunami relief

Sandra Bullock has donated a million bucks to help survivors of the tsunami. She sent a check to the Red Cross.

Bullock's done this sort of thing before. Bullock donated a million dollars to the Red Cross after Nine-Eleven. She's not the only celebrity pitching in. William Hung is putting his bad singing to good use. Hong Kong's Apple Daily says Hung is selling his albums and posters to raise money for the victims of the Asian tsunami. No word on how much he's raised so far.

CNN is also reporting that DiCaprio pledged a "sizable" contribution to UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, targeted for aid to devastated areas of Thailand, where his 2000 film "The Beach," was filmed, said a spokesman for the actor.

And six elephants used in the battle scenes in "Alexander" are in Thailand helping to clear the devestation caused by the tsunami. The elephants can go where people and vehicles can't. They can also drag debris with their trunks.