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Clerk shot in gun battle during store robbery no stranger to defending himself

HAMILTON/BUTLER CO., OH (FOX19) - The store clerk shot in a gun battle with two robbery suspects over the weekend has defended himself before.

Hamilton police were called to Kenton's 12th St. Grocery for a report of a robbery and clerk shot just after 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

The clerk, Grayson Matthews, 53, told police that two males entered the store and demanded money.

A gun battle ensued with several shots fired. Grayson was hit in the side, police said. He pulled a weapon of his own and told police he thought he shot one of the suspect's in the face.

Shortly after the robbery, a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the head arrived at Fort Hamilton Hughes Hospital. 

The victim's brother, Morton Combs Jr., said he isn't sure how many bullets flew through his store Saturday night. But at least one of them struck his brother.

"There is two bullet holes in the front of my counter. There is one on that wall up there. There is two in the ceiling,” said Combs. "I don't know any man who is a real man that when you threaten their life, they take lightly to it."

This is the third time Grayson has been forced to defend himself while working at their family grocery store, Combs said. 

Each time, the robbers only got away with less than $20. 

Combs said Matthews and the rest of the family started carrying weapons after Matthews was attacked outside the store. 

In 2011, Matthews shot another man who tried to rob him, he said.

"The guy had what appeared to be a sawed-off shot gun in my brother's face telling him he was going to kill him if he didn't hand everything over and somehow he was able to get the drop on that guy, too, and shoot him,” said Combs.

This time, Grayson did not escape unscathed. Combs said his brother suffered a few broken ribs and a punctured lung, but he will be back at work in a few weeks.

"You could be standing in line at the convenience store in your own neighborhood and go through the same thing. People rob, steal and do bad things everywhere. It's not just limited to one area or one demographic. You got bad people everywhere,” said Combs.

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