Cops Can Use Tasers On Kids

Cincinnati City Councilman Christopher Smitherman used his own young children to prove a point about the use of Tasers on kids. But, the prepared statements weren't enough to convince a majority of his counterparts that Cincinnati police officers should be barred from using Tasers on children under age 10. A spokeswoman for the Coalition For A Just Cincinnati tells FOX 19 the ban idea is a good one because the effects of 50,000 volts of electricity have not been fully studied on minors. The Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police is pleased the council is not setting new policy for the department. F.O.P. Vice President Keith Fangman questions Smitherman's motives and hopes the Councilman doesn't want a gun to be an officer's only line of defense for under aged children who may become violent. The use of Tasers on kids was discussed Tuesday during a regularly scheduled Law and Public Safety Committee meeting.