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Appeals court rules amputee can't sue Good Samaritan who tried to rescue him

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An Ohio appeals court ruled Wednesday that a man who lost his leg in an accident involving his truck cannot sue the Good Samaritan who tried to rescue him. 

In April 2012, truck driver Dennis Carter had just hooked his trailer to his tractor in Fairfield and drove his truck forward about five inches from the dock to make room to close the trailer's rear door. 

When he tried to get back up on the dock, his leg got stuck in the small space between the trailer and the dock. 

According to court records, Carter started banging on the loading dock door and screaming for help. 

Larry Reese Jr. was in a parking lot across the street when he heard Carter yelling so he went over to help. 

Carter told the court that he asked Reese to move the truck forward about a foot and said 'but whatever you do, don't put it in reverse.' 

Carter said he heard Reese yell that he could not get the truck in gear and it rolled back. 

Reese then called 911 and Carter was transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center where his right leg had to be amputated above the knee, court records state. 

Carter sued Reese, saying that Reese was negligent for trying to drive the truck when he didn't know how to operate it. 

Ohio's 12th District Court of Appeals upheld the ruling by a Butler County Common Pleas Court that Reese falls under the immunity statute of Ohio's Good Samaritan law, and therefore, is not responsible for what happened. 

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