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Trending Now: Leaked clip shows 'The Interview' death scene; Parents upset over 2nd grade protest

A still from the leaked scene of 'The Interview.' Source: YouTube/Jack Sparrow A still from the leaked scene of 'The Interview.' Source: YouTube/Jack Sparrow
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Leaked clip shows Kim Jong-un death scene 

You won't be seeing James Franco and Seth Rogen in ‘The Interview' due to Sony dropping the film, but you can see the controversial clip where the Kim Jong Un character is killed.

The comedy film, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, centers around two TV personalities who land an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un but are recruited by the CIA to turn their trip into an assassination attempt on the leader.

The leaked clip shows the explosion responsible for Kim Jong-un's demise and is set to a swooning version of Katy Perry's ‘Firework.' Watch it below or here if you're on a mobile device.

U.S. officials reportedly saw the clip in June after concerns heightened due to North Korea calling the film an “act of war.” Those officials still gave the movie the green-light, according to hacked emails from Sony.

The most recent threats against screening the film came from a hacker group believed to be connected to North Korea and led Sony canceling its release.

Second graders organize justice protest

A lesson on the First Amendment inspired Massachusetts second graders to organize a protest during recess and upset some parents.

The Alma Del Mar Charter School lesson in question reportedly centered on topics in the media, including the recent events in Ferguson, MO. When the kids asked to hold their own protest, the school director agreed they could demonstrate during recess.

“We went over a few things first … Obviously, their safety was our first concern,” director Emily Stainer told the Boston Globe.

George Borden is a New Bedford Police officer whose daughter was among the students holding “Honk if you want Justice” signs on the sidewalk protest.

Borden told WHDH his daughter asked him, “Daddy, do you shoot people?”

The father plans to hold a meeting with the school to discuss why parents weren't notified of the activity.

“We certainly want our scholars to engage in activities that help them to understand what it means to be citizens and what it means to be a democracy,” the schools director told Yahoo! Parenting.

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