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Local Protest in Response to National Violence

. - Protests popping up across the nation following the deadly attack on two New York City police officers, and Monday night residents in one Tri-State
community marched for peace.
It was called a peaceful march and organizers say this violence is weighing on their hearts and they want to be proactive to prevent any
tragic situation here locally.
"Stop all this violence," said pastor Victor L. Davis.

 The streets of Hamilton were quiet on Monday night, but several people used signs and lights to send a loud message.

 "It's time, it's overdue and I'm going to do it if no one else does it with me," said Davis.

Pastor Victor L. Davis says hearing about the two New York city officers who lost their life this past weekend is tragic, but says there
needs to be more responsible ways to express the anger and emotion.
"I would rather it go another way but it does not surprise me that people are acting out on their own and I would hope and pray that it
stops because that's a no win situation," said Davis.
"Protesting is your right but when it comes to taking lives, that's not your right," said Jim Howarth, Delhi Township Police chief.
Jim Howarth is the police chief for Delhi Township, and he says this attack on police officers is a reminder of how dangerous their job
can be.
"We're vigilant each and every day regardless of this situation happening or not and we need to heighten that a little bit more," said
Chief Howarth says no one can predict these tragedies, but agrees that it takes a strong community relationship to earn the public's trust.
"It can be a thankless job. For all the things out there that the citizens don't see only the person that we helped at the time or directly
assisted at the time, they see what we did for them, but everybody else out there didn't see that. We do that each and every day," said Howarth.

 Davis agrees and adds that local government and police need to be culturally sensitive.
"They are there to protect and serve and we need the police department, we just don't need police to react negatively," said Davis.

 Pastor Davis says they plan to have a similar protest on Martin Luther King Jr. Day next month.
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