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Trending Now: Dog chases ambulance carrying its owner; Eggnog chugging contest sends man to ICU

An EMS worker reportedly shot the video. (Source: YouTube/LiveLeak) An EMS worker reportedly shot the video. (Source: YouTube/LiveLeak)
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Dog follows ambulance with owner inside

This story is proof that dogs really are man's best friend.

A video captures a dog in Brazil running alongside an ambulance as it transported his owner, who was suffering from a seizure, to the hospital.

He followed the ambulance for more than one minute before paramedics finally realized the devoted dog wasn't going to willingly separate from his owner. They let him inside the ambulance and he continued to stay by his owner's side as the patient was put on a stretcher and taken into the hospital.

An emergency worker inside the vehicle reportedly captured the video, according to the NY Daily News. Watch it below or here if you're on a mobile device.

Man hospitalized for chugging eggnog 

Ryan Roche broke his office Christmas party's record of fastest eggnog chugging – but his victory came at a price.

The Utah man ended up in the hospital after downing an entire quart of eggnog in just 12 seconds.

Roche told BuzzFeed his competitive nature couldn't allow him to turn down the contest, which was captured on video and posted to Vine

Two hours later, Roche said he was shaking uncontrollably. His condition quickly worsened and doctors determined that the eggnog ended up in his lungs, causing an infection and eventually turning into pneumonia.

“It was really severe,” he told BuzzFeed. “The X-ray looked like a fireworks show.”

Roche spent one day in the Intensive Care Unit and then another two days recovering in the hospital. He has since been sent home.

Although he won a $50 gift card for winning the contest, Roche still says the reward wasn't worth it.

“I'd rather have my health,” he said.

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