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FOX19 NOW's Gordon Graham tackles last-minute shopping

KENWOOD, OH (FOX19) - This final shopping day before Christmas can make or break the bottom line of many retailers. They're relying on last minute shoppers, like FOX19's Gordon Graham, to improve their holiday sales figures.  

Graham went to the Walking Company at Kenwood Mall hoping to find his wife a pair of ankle boots (hopefully his wife isn't reading this, if so hope you enjoy them Mrs. Graham). Although he waited until the last minute, he was comforted by the fact that he is not the only last minute shopper.

Kim Harrison of Liberty Township says she came out shopping today because last week she was down with a stomach virus. 

“I am a big procrastinator with shopping, but I love giving gifts,” Harrison said.

Omy Bugazia of Clifton says time just got away from him. 

“I just forget a lot of things, you know, work a lot, waiting on money to come around. You know, it's just that time of the year when there's so much to do it just seems like you can't find enough time for all of it,” Bugazia said. 

William Jones of Golf Manor says he went to the mall early to beat the crowds. 

“Sometimes it takes that last minute to get things done, you know, so here I am once again like every year,” said Jones of his strategy.

Santa says he made a brief stop at the mall to hear some last minute requests. “We get it all lined up and ready to go and rested. The reindeer are all rested and fed and we're just ready to go, go, go.”  

Mrs. Claus says the last few weeks have been hectic. “We usually start in the middle of November and go all the way to a party at Christmas Eve and then we crash.”  

Jenny Hassan, of Norwood, says sometimes waiting until the last minute can save you money. “Sales every store....every single store.”

Tom Brandenburg says he just likes to hang out at the mall. “My wife and I go out on Christmas Eve and pick up the last few things and just see the people, the Christmas spirit....stuff like that it's pretty cool.” 

Gordon did find the perfect pair of ankle boots for his wife. They were on sale so that makes the deal even better and that completes his holiday shopping. 

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