Ex-President Hired

Former Ohio University president to do fund-raising, other duties

Two Ohio University faculty leaders question a post-retirement compensation package awarded former president Robert Glidden that will pay him 83-thousand dollars annually for working five days a month. The 67-year-old Glidden has been awarded a three-year contract to serve as the university's ambassador to foreign institutions of higher education. He'll also raise money and perform other work for the trustees. The chairwoman of the faculty Senate, Phyllis Bernt, says the package seems rather generous, since the university is looking at budget cuts and tuition increases. The president of the OU chapter of the American Association of University Professors, Kevin Mattison, says the package offends university employees who have paid higher health-care costs while their salaries have stagnated. But Leonard Railey, vice president for university advancement, says Glidden is a masterful fund-raiser and predicts the trustees will receive a good return on their investment.