Dead Intruder

Alleged home intruder dies after struggle with police

A man who allegedly broke into an Akron home shouting that he was the devil died in a hospital shortly after struggling with police.

The cause of Dennis Hyde's death wasn't determined immediately but officers said he was bleeding heavily from a deep gash in his left wrist after smashing a window to enter the house. Police say it was a trail of blood that led officers to the basement where the 30-year-old Hyde was hiding. It took several officers to restrain and handcuff the man. The occupant of the house, 50-year-old Arrealle Comstock, called 911 in panic saying someone had broken into her house and was shouting he's the devil.

A neighbor says she doesn't know why anyone would want to break into Comstock's home, describing her as a down-to-earth, nice lady.