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Trending Now: How to keep New Year's Resolutions; Viral video shows what dogs do alone

This is YouTube user Mike's goldendoodle. (Imgur) This is YouTube user Mike's goldendoodle. (Imgur)
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Help keeping New Year's Resolutions 

Lose weight, volunteer, quit smoking - Those are the top New Year's resolutions, according to

Not surprisingly, people often forget or give up their resolutions within the first few weeks of the New Year, but your smartphone could be the saving grace for 2015. Check out these apps that will keep you committed to those new goals.

Losing weight: Discover health benefits for thousands of food items in the Fooducate app. All you have to do is scan the product's bar code to discover its health food grade based on nutrition facts and ingredients.

Fooducate also allows users to track their weight loss progress and communicate with others working their way to a similar goal.

Volunteering: Download GiveGab if you're looking to do some good in the new year. It's a social network for givers that lists nonprofits and volunteer opportunities in your area.

GiveGab users can even make their own profile that tracks the amount of hours spent volunteering.

Quit Smoking: It's a tough habit to kick, but this app will help with accountability, motivation and support when it comes to quitting cigarettes for good.

“Since 1999, My Last Cigarette has successfully helped 1000s of ex smokers stay quit,” The My Last Cigarette app description claims. 

The app itself cost $9.99 and personalizes each users plan to kick the addiction.

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Share them with us here.

GoPro video shows what dog does when owner leaves

What do you think your dog does when you leave the house? One curious You Tuber decided to actually see what his Goldendoodle was up to all day by strapping a GoPro camera to his chest.

And the results have collectively been described as heartbreaking.

He edited the footage into a now-viral video that shows the pup travel from window to window looking for his master while whining. He eventually sits down on the floor and lets out an occasional howl.

“I've had him for six years and today is the first day I have heard him howl,” Mike, creator of the video, wrote on Reddit after watching his findings.

The video has been viewed upwards of 5 million times in 10 days. Watch it above or here if you're on a mobile device.

This dog really is man's best friend.

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