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The source of injuries to 83-year-old Silverton woman remains a mystery

Mary and Wendy Jordon (PHOTO: FOX19/ Gordon Graham) Mary and Wendy Jordon (PHOTO: FOX19/ Gordon Graham)
Injuries Mary Jordon obtained on Nov. 10 (PHOTO: FOX19/Gordon Graham) Injuries Mary Jordon obtained on Nov. 10 (PHOTO: FOX19/Gordon Graham)

An 83-year-old Silverton woman is lucky to be alive after suffering injuries so severe she was in intensive care for three weeks, but the manner in which she got those injuries is not entirely clear. 

Mary Jordan was found was inside her Silverton home in the early morning hours of Nov. 10 with serious injuries, especially to the head and face.

It looked like Mary had been the victim of a savage attack, but Mary said she just fell. Her daughter, Wendy, says the injuries were horrific.

“The top of her head was split open. Her nose was split, the side of her face was split and her eyes were swollen shut,” Wendy Jordan said.

Wendy Jordan, who is also a registered nurse, says her mother also suffered a broken finger and bruising to her chest and back so she's not buying the story of a bad fall.

“She was assaulted. Old people do fall, I get it, but this wasn't a fall,” Wendy said.   

Wendy believes her mother wouldn't hesitate to call for help, but her head injuries may have affected her memory.

“She suffered brain trauma, she has a brain bleed still, actively and her recent recall is gone pretty much,” Wendy said.

Mike Robison, with the Hamilton County sheriff's department, says that's what's making it difficult for investigators to get to the bottom of it. Plus, Mary's story has been corroborated by her live in Grandson, Wendell Milton.

“We did receive a call, a 911 call from Mr. Milton, Wendell Milton. The two individuals at the scene were Wendell Milton and Mary Jordan. Both of their statements were consistent. Ms. Jordan had indicated that she had fallen, it was an accidental fall and Mr. Milton had said the same thing that he had arrived and found her in the state that she was in,” Robison said.

Robison says there were also no signs of forced entry or anything stolen. Mary is said to be very security conscious.

“At this time we only have what we have to go by through the investigation and that involves the statements from the two individuals Mary Jordan and Mr. Milton,” Robison said.

Whatever happened to Mary Jordan remains unclear, but it has all of her neighbors upset and they vow to keep up pressure until they get some answers.

FOX19's legal analyst Mike Allen says because of Mary's statements to investigators....there is no "quote unquote" victim which means at this time the case would be next to impossible to prosecute.

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