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Police: Kids call out window for help after heroin OD: "Mommy isn't breathing."

Paige Reece (Provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office) Paige Reece (Provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
READING, OH (FOX19) - A Reading mother is accused of overdosing on heroin in front of her young children, leaving them to yell out the window for help.

Paige Reece, 33, was arrested at 6:35 p.m. Thursday in the 200 block of Maple Avenue.

Rescue crews were called to the residence after her two children, 6 and 4, hollered out the window at one of her friends "Mommy isn't breathing," court records show.

Before help arrived, Reece's friend injected her with Narcan, a medication used to counter the effects of heroin.

In a 911 call obtained by FOX19 NOW the caller says the kids were using CPR and Narcan on the mother.

"Her kids are up there screaming that she passed out," said the caller.

"Two girls just ran upstairs to use Narcan on her."

"They have Narcan?" the dispatcher asked.

"They say they do," said the caller.

"They're giving her CPR and using narcan on her."

But the recent widespread use of Narcan brings up the question, does it enable heroin addicts to keep using? 

"It's enabling them to live and get the help that the need," said Ann Barnum.

Barnum with Interact For Health says Narcan gives heroin addicts a chance to turn their lives around.

"Thirty percent of the people who are revived with Naloxone nationwide take that opportunity to seek out treatment within the next 30 days," said Barnum.

Narcan works by interrupting the deadly effects of opiates on the body so that breathing and heart rate are restored, but it also leaves the addict feeling the pangs of withdrawals.

Jackie Davidson with the Center for Chemical Addictions Treatment trains people on how to use Narcan. It requires a prescription and Davidson says first responders aren't the only ones who can get it.

"A law passed that now family members, friends loved ones of somebody hat is at risk for an overdose is able to get a prescription for it now," said Davidson. 

Reece was charged with two counts of child endangering and one count of disorderly conduct. "By overdosing, (Reece) created a substantial risk of harm to herself and her kids," her arrest report states.

According to police reports, Reece was still unconscious when officers and EMS units arrived. 

She was held at the Hamilton County jail overnight and is currently being held on $5,000 bond. 

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