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Tri-State gears up for frigid temps

Cold temperatures grip the Tri-State (PHOTO: FOX19) Cold temperatures grip the Tri-State (PHOTO: FOX19)

The Tri-State is gearing up for frigid temperatures.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, winter is actually the deadliest season killing twice as many people as the summer.

So when it comes to these sub-zero temps, it's important to take them seriously.

"The regular shelters just don't have enough capacity to take in everybody who might need a shelter bed," said Kevin Finn with Strategies to Help Homelessness.

Kevin Finn is the president of Strategies to End Homelessness and he says this year they opened winter shelters earlier than ever. He says last night alone they had 105 people in addition to the 670 in year-round shelter beds.

"We need both donations and personal care items to make sure people are taken care of," said Finn.

"God bless them if it wasn't for them, we would go hungry and be in a lot worse shape," said James Brewster Jr.

Sometimes all the gloves and hats aren't even enough to keep kids in school. Jess Dykes with the Kenton County School District says if the temperature dips too low by the early morning hours and stays the same, they have no choice but to make it a "cold day".

"We get a lot of pushback from families. They want to know why we don't have delays or why we aren't calling off. We will not have a delay unless the road conditions will change in those two hours or if the temperature will significantly rise," said Jess Dykes with the Kenton County School District.

The cold temps can also pose a threat on the school facilities and even equipment, including buses.

"On these cold temperature days those diesel fuel engines will pop oil and your bus doors freeze so that's another challenge that you face. Many people don't realize that a bus will have to pull over if that bus door freezes shut," said Dykes.

Dykes says there's no set temperature for when they call off, they just take it case by case and make sure the safety of the kids is at the forefront.

For more on how to donate to the winter shelters visit or call 513-263-2790. 

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