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Covington Fire Union Concerned for Residents Safety

(PHOTO: FOX19/ Brett Hoffland) (PHOTO: FOX19/ Brett Hoffland)

If you live in parts of Covington, the fire union says you could be in danger of not having proper protection if there's a fire.

That's because they say some of the city's trucks and other equipment are out of service and too old.

"We're not asking for a beach vacation, we're asking for the basic tools to do our job," said Covington Firefighters Union President Jimmy Adams.

Truck one is the Covington Fire Department's busiest truck. But it's temporary home is the public works garage, waiting for a new motor.

"That truck we re-built the motor in it two years ago to the tune of $35,000, the motor is no longer manufactured, and this last week it failed again," said Adams.

Jimmy Adams is the union president. He says truck one is 21-years-old and one of a kind because it's specifically designed for the city's narrow roads and it can reach all the necessary heights. He says right now they're down to one ladder truck...but there's a problem.

"There's about 70 streets in the city that it won't fit on because it's too big. Newport's truck is similar in size, it won't get on the streets, so we have a large area of our city now that we cannot get an aerial truck out to," said Adams.

"I'm not sure why they bought a truck that couldn't go down city streets 20 years ago. Maybe I'll get in that truck and take a drive down that street and see if I can get in through there," said Covington City Manager Larry Klein.

City manager Larry Klein argues there's a great chance the city will receive a large grant along with matching city money to pay for a new 1.2 million dollar truck.

"I am very optimistic that we're going to get the grant since we do have a legitimate case and great application," said Klein.

"If we don't get the grant, what are we going to do," said Adams.

Klein says revenue is stagnant, but they allocated 1.5 million dollars to the fire department this year. He stresses there's no reason for people to fear for their safety.

"We are surrounded by cities with other fire trucks. No one city ever has all the equipment they need for a big event. We back each other up every day because that's what we do," said Larry Klein.

The city plans to hear if they receive the grant money by about March and then it will take another year for the truck to be built and delivered.

In the meantime the city is working on fixing truck one and getting it back on the road as soon as possible.

The union says it's still going to work with the city to find more of a long term solution in case the engine would fail again.

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