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Trending Now: FedEx driver caught on camera taking dogs; Campaign urges craft for injured koalas

A rescued Koala will move from these bandages to mittens for its healing paws. (Facebook: AMWRO) A rescued Koala will move from these bandages to mittens for its healing paws. (Facebook: AMWRO)
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FedEx driver caught on camera taking dogs

Security cameras at a Houston home caught a FedEx driver seemingly pick up the homeowner's two puppies and drive off with them.

Armando Correa says he was inside his home and his French Bulldogs in the front yard when they disappeared on Wednesday. Correa then checked his home surveillance video, where it appears the driver is luring the dogs to his delivery truck before grabbing them and driving away.

"He was an idiot not to even check and see if I had cameras cause they're all over my house,” Correa told FOX26.

The FedEx driver reportedly claimed to his supervisors that he was only trying to help the dogs and said they escaped from his truck afterwards.

The dogs were miraculously returned to the Correa family on Thursday night. They were found roaming the streets and taken to a vet clinic where workers recognized the pups from the news, according to reports.

FedEx officials say they are investigating the incident and have suspended the driver, click2houston says.

Rescue group asks people to help sew koala mittens

Animal-lovers worldwide are getting crafty to help Koala bears injured in southern Australia bushfires.

Rescue workers say the koalas need mittens to cover their burnt paws as they heal and they're urging people to help make the simple cotton mittens. The International Fund for Animal Welfare even made a pattern with instructions for sewing the mittens.

“We just don't know the extended injuries but we want to have the mittens ready to go and fit over their paws when they come into care to help protect their wounds,” an IFWA spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

Wildlife groups say they expect to treat many injured koalas throughout the bushfire season. The injured koalas typically have severe burns on their paws caused by contact with burning trees.

“Just like any burns victim, koalas' dressings need changing daily, meaning a constant supply of mittens is needed by wildlife carers. Some burned koalas can take up to a year to fully recover,” IFAW worker Josey Sharrad said to The Guardian.

Hundreds of people have already pledged to make the mittens.

Interested in helping out? Find the sewing pattern for the mittens here.

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