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Cab drivers on high alert after recent robberies

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For cab drivers, eyes don't only stick to the road.

"You want to watch people and to read them, watch demeanor and how a potential passenger carries themselves," said a Luxury Taxi driver.

This Luxury Taxi driver says he learned that lesson when he was robbed at gun-point about a year ago. He's asked FOX19 NOW to withhold his identity, because the suspect has not been found.

The incident scared him out of work for 6 months.

"Is there anywhere that is truly safe, I think you have to pay attention and be aware of your surroundings."" Said, Andy Agee, Aero Cab owner and driver.

He has been working as a cab driver for 18 years. He's never been held at gun point, he says he's had a handful of close calls.

"It brings your hairs up a little bit and it makes you think well that could have been really bad if that person was drunk or had a knife or something like that, so you have to think about safety," said Agee.

According to Taxi Library, in 2013, 23 cab drivers were killed. And in Cincinnati last week alone, 4 taxi drivers were robbed.

That's why some drivers go as far as getting a concealed carry license. After being in the line of fire the Luxury Taxi driver is working on getting his.

"I haven't gotten my permit as of yet, but I have taken the steps to register," he said.

Screening who he allows into his cab is another way to protect himself. He says he often knows when a person is about 20-feet away whether or not he'll pick them up.

He also says determining the destination before they leave and sticking to it is a good idea.

Luxury Taxi Service says they don't have any procedure or protocol when it comes to the safety of their drivers. They just remind their drivers to pay attention to where they are driving, and who they are driving.

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