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Trial delayed for Mom accused of videotaping child driving with 2 younger siblings in backseat

Sophia Henderson (Provided by the Hamilton County jail) Sophia Henderson (Provided by the Hamilton County jail)

A trial was delayed Wednesday until next month for the mother accused of videotaping her 12-year-old child driving a car with her two younger siblings in the backseat.

Henderson, 28, faces three counts of child endangering. Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Bernie Bouchard will hear the case next on Feb. 11.

When Henderson appeared before him Wednesday, the judge modified her bond slightly by adding supervision to her release from the Hamilton County jail, which was on her own recognizance under electronic monitoring. That means she will be randomly drug tested. 

Bouchard also emphasized that Henderson have no contact with her six children until the case is resolved.

The Sedamsville woman was taken into custody Jan. 12, two days after police allege she allowed her 12-year-old son to drive a vehicle near their Hillside Avenue residence. At the time, her two other children, ages 3 and 7, were in the backseat while she capturing it all on video, court records show.

Shocking video shows the mother allowing her 12-year-old son to drive, while she records the whole thing.

"This n***** think he the s*** because he knows how to drive and s*** before he a teenager. N***** ain't even 13 yet," Henderson said.

Cell phone footage shows Henderson sitting in the passenger seat, with her son driving. The video made it clear the child has operated a vehicle before.

"How old was you when you learned to drive?" said Henderson. 

When her son replied, "11," Henderson responded with "you a damn liar, you was 9 mother ******." 

The weather in her son's latest joyride last month wasn't ideal.

"Look we rollin in this b**** and it's raining," said Henderson.

A local psychologist, Stuart Bassman, said Henderson probably didn't realize what she was doing was wrong. Parents don't always realize how much their behavior can impact their children long-term.

"Someone engages in this behavior and they don't see it as dangerous, they don't see it as toxic," he said. "In their minds, they justify, the rationalize it, but, unfortunately, it's the innocent people - the innocent children - who are hurt. It normalizes destructive behavior and the child, the adult, doesn't recognize that's ensuing from their actions and their behavior so it becomes generational."

Henderson even showed footage of her younger daughters, ages seven and three, in the backseat.

But a close friend of Henderson defended the single mother.

"I don't think she meant anything by it. She's a good woman. She takes care of all six of her kids by herself," said Tara Butler.

A spokesman Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services said the agency intervened with Henderson last year, but he didn't disclose the reason why. Child case workers are investigating again in light of Henderson's arrest.

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