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Man who plotted against Capitol arrested at local gun shop

Point Blank Gun Shop (FOX19/ File) Point Blank Gun Shop (FOX19/ File)

The man accused of plotting against the Capitol made his final stop at a gun shop in Cincinnati.

Chris Cornell bought two AR-15's and 600 rounds of ammo at the Point Blank Gun Shop and Shooting Range in Colerain.

Court documents outline that this was the "final step" in his plan before heading to Washington. But the FBI was waiting for him when he walked outside the shop's doors.

John Dean says it was an ordinary morning. Opening up at 10, checking inventory, until an FBI official stopped by the store.

"He said that someone would be coming by to purchase two guns and they wanted us to go ahead and handle the sale for them," said John Dean.

Dean says the FBI first put this on their radar about a week ago. But at about 10:30 this morning, with a few other customers in the store, Chris Cornell walked into the shop and Dean was the one to show him around.

"A little shy, but talkative, certainly nothing that would indicate that he's involved in something of this magnitude," said Dean.

Cornell used cash to purchase the nearly $2,000 worth of guns and ammo he specifically asked for, similar to what you see here. Moments later, FBI agents tackled the 20-year-old outside the store, and took him into custody.

Dean says the entire time, they were never filled in on the exact specifics of this case. He learned about the magnitude of the situation on the news.

"There are all kinds of situations where police may be involved in the situation in terms of gun sales and that sort of thing and so this didn't necessarily seem like it was such a big thing until after the fact," Dean.

"To think that this comes to our city, that's not only concerning, that's scary," said Tom Willingham.

Tom Willingham is the President of Point Blank and says he's proud of his staff, but he says they were just a backdrop to this whole case.

"We just happened to be the store that was chosen. The FBI are really the heroes here. They're the ones who orchestrated everything," said Willingham.

Dean says the guns and ammo that Cornell bought have been seized by the FBI as part of their investigation.

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