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Two people dead in Green Township house fire

A fire broke out at a Green Township home. (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW) A fire broke out at a Green Township home. (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW)

The grandparents of a toddler that was kidnapped more than 30 years ago die in a late night fire in Green Township.

87-year-old Ron and 88-year-old Ruth Evers was stuck inside their home in the 5700 block of Jessup Road as it burned down Friday night, it was a home that son, Rick Evers, said was in the family for a while.

"It's been over 60 years they've been in this house,” said Evers.

60 years now all gone up in flames.

This tragedy adds to that of the Evers family.

In 1982, Adrian Williams kidnapped, Jason Evers, who was the grandson of Ron and Ruth. The family searched for 43 days only to find Jason dead in a shallow grave.

Grief struck again on Friday as fire tore thought the couple's home. Green Township's public information officer, Michael Nie, said there was nothing his men could do.

"When they decided to make a defensive attack, it was due to the fact that the house already had so much flame involvement that our protective equipment really wouldn't have protected us, and the building started to collapse in spots," said Nie.

Crews were on scene from Friday night to Saturday afternoon searching through the debris for the victims.

Rick remembers his parents as fun-loving and always in good spirits, but he said he's sad that they aren't able to celebrate a very near milestone.

"January 31, it's would have been 67 years they've been married,” said Rick.

After all his family has gone through, Rick reflected on yet another devastating loss.

He said, "For this to happen it's just not fair."

Green Township officials determined that the cause of the fire was accidental in nature.

According to Green Township officials, The origin of the fire appeared to be combustibles left too close to a wood burning stove in the basement.

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