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Internet divided over husband who uses app to track wife

Catharine and James Higginson. (Source: Catharine and James Higginson. (Source:
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The subject of trust has taken center stage in an online debate sparked by the story of a woman whose husband installed an app on her phone which allows him to track her every move.

Catharine Higginson recently discovered by accident that her husband, James, could track her movements, read her texts and listen to her conversations through the tracking app, she told The Mirror. He also installed the app on to their four kids' phones.

“While I was very shocked at first about the extent of the snooping I ultimately don't have a problem with him doing this because I'm not up to anything. But I can see that for those for whom cheating is in their DNA, they'd panic about being caught out,” Higginson, who lives in England, recounts to The Mail.

Catharine says the spying app is her husband's way of caring about her safety and well-being, but some online commenters had a different viewpoint.

“So sad that this woman has been gaslighted into thinking this stalking behaviour is for her benefit,” one person tweeted.

Others have come to the defense of Catharine, who says even some of her friends thought the app was grounds for a divorce. But she maintains her position despite the skeptics.

“These apps are not there to spy on your wife! But James, whenever he feels like it, can sit at his computer and pull up a specific web page, log in and locate all the family phones,” Higginson recounts to The Mail.

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