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City Manager sends memo about pay increases

These seven directors are impacted (Photo: FOX19 NOW) These seven directors are impacted (Photo: FOX19 NOW)

City Manager Harry Black sent a memo to the Mayor and members of city council Friday informing them on the various forms of pay increases across the city's structure as outlined within the City's Human Resources Polices and Procedures and as approved by council through the budget approval process.

Black provides an outline in the memo that shows how the job performance of department directors will be assessed.

There are five types of pay increases.  Those types are: Salary Step-ups, Merit Increases, cost of living adjustments of general wage increases, promotional increases and special assignment pay.

City Manager Harry Black says performance evaluations for department directors are back-logged. Because of that, Black says he hasn't been on the job long enough to fairly evaluate the directors' performances. 

The seven people impacted by this are: Metropolitan Sewer District leader Tony Parrott, HR Director Georgetta Kelly, Streetcar Manager John Deatrick, Technology Director Mango Springs, Retirement Director Paula Tilsley, Transportation Director Michael Moore and Environmental Services Director Lawrence Falkin.

They're impacted because they were eligible for a 3 percent increase because they were not at the top of their pay range or received a "meets expectations" or better in their latest evaluation.

"Provided that funding is available in the future, I don't see any reason why merit increases will not be provided. But the key is, I need to wrap my arms around this," Harry Black said.

Black says he expects new "performance management agreements" to be in place with the directors in March.

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