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Tri-State couple welcomes rare identical triplets

Ayden, Carson and Liam are five months old. (FOX19) Ayden, Carson and Liam are five months old. (FOX19)

A Tri-State couple has three times the reason to celebrate after giving birth to rare and healthy identical triplets.

Liz Wells thought she was pregnant with twins until a 16 week ultrasound showed she'd be having three baby boys. A genetic test two months after their August birth revealed the boys, named Carson, Ayden and Liam, were identical.

The rarity of identical triplets ranges from one in 60,000 to one in 200 million, but Dr. Rob Hopkin, a geneticist from Cincinnati Children's Hospital, says the triplets' health is what makes them most unique.

“There's a very high risk with triplets, in particular identical triplets where one or more of them will have some birth defects,” said Dr. Hopkin. “More than half of the cases they lost one of the triplets.”

Genetic testing revealed boys' identical genes were without any red flags.

At first glance, names on the triplets' onesies seem to be the only way to tell the boys apart, but mom and dad say they each have their own look and personality. 

The couple says they get many questions about the triplets - most frequently about how they're handling the stress of three babies.

“We do everything together. It's just like having one baby but just do everything three times right down the line,” said Liz.

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