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Adult toy store billboard sparks controversy

"End boring sex" causing a stir in the community (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Brett Hoffland) "End boring sex" causing a stir in the community (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Brett Hoffland)

A local billboard is turning heads but not everyone supports the message.

The billboard, located near the Red Bank Road exit off of I-71, is for an adult toy store that reads, "End boring sex."

"This one's just text. The next one becomes more graphic," said Charles Tassel with the Citizens for Community Values (CCV).

Dustin Flynt, the nephew of Hustler founder Larry Flynt, opened up his second adult store in Sharonville last year. But recently he decided he wanted to grab the attention of more customers... from their cars.

"I wanted my consumers to know what exactly Jimmy Flynt Sexy Gifts offers and that's better sex. Love without limitations, love freely, and that was my message on the billboard," said Flynt.

Tassell believes the billboard is just the tip of the iceberg and begins a process of over-sexualizing.

"It begins a feeding pattern. Next thing there's strip clubs, prostitution, and there's a whole process there and you end up with increased crime to decreased property values to urban blight and to what everyone is talking about now in human trafficking," said Tassell.

But does this count as obscene? It's illegal in Ohio to publicly display obscene material. Tassell adds 95 percent of advertisers said they won't support this kind of billboard.

"This is something that's on a public highway and whether it's my 6-year-old or 12-year-old, these are not things you want kids seeing and there's no hiding it from them," said Tassell.

Flynt argues their message was delivered in a tasteful manner and as a husband and father, he knows all too well how important this topic is.

"I have the responsibility as a parent to educate my family of sex and the issue surrounding sex, and I think that's what Cincinnati needs to do as a community and not make it a bad dirty thing," said Flynt.

CCV are encouraging people to contact the billboard owner or county prosecutor to bring this advertisement down.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said he has no plans right now to pursue an obscenity case, saying, “Just because someone does something offensive, doesn't make it illegal.”

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