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Princeton HS mural to be destroyed, group rallies to save it

(PHOTO: FOX19/ Lindsey Wopschall) (PHOTO: FOX19/ Lindsey Wopschall)

A piece of Cincinnati art could come crumbling down in Sharonville when an old high school is destroyed.

Princeton High School recently moved into a new campus across the street from its old facility, and with the move, a mural created by Cincinnati artist Carl Zimmerman is being left behind.

“It would just be a sad piece to see it go because I think it is a special piece to Princeton High School and it's really different from other schools and makes us stand out,” said Princeton High School senior, Annaliese Levy.

Princeton City Schools Superintendent, Ed Theroux, said the Board of Education decided to destroy the mural with the old school because it would cost upwards of $200,000 to keep it. A determined alumna, Kelli Reisen, has created a campaign to try to raise the funds to save it.

“Princeton High School wasn't built in 2015, it was built in 1958. A school is its past, and its present and its future,” said Reisen.

Carl Zimmerman's mural built in 1958, is based upon Shakespeare's 'Seven Ages of Man.' Students said the art has served as inspiration for them.

“It goes through all the ages of man so from a kid all the way from being elderly so it kind of gives us inspiration to live up to what we should be,” said Princeton senior, Grace Weir. “In high school you go through a journey just as you do in life so it kind of inspires you that there is a life after high school and that you should want to go through all these stages of life,” she continued.

The piece starts with a man and alphabet letters. Every letter of the alphabet can be seen on the mural, A through Z.

In the next two months, Reisen said she needs to raise $224,000 to save the piece of art, which she believes is a benefit to not only Princeton High School students, but all of Cincinnati.

“We need these touch stones, and it serves as something that can encourage people and students and alumni, and the community through all the ages of your life just like just like Shakespeare said,” she said.

To donate to help save the mural you can go to the link below and use the PayPal account or go to any Fifth Third Bank location and donate to 'Save the Mural.'

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