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Cincinnati ranked one of the best cities for football fans

Paul Brown Stadium (FOX19 NOW File Photo) Paul Brown Stadium (FOX19 NOW File Photo)
CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - With Super Bowl XLIX Sunday, finance web site crunched numbers to identify the best cities for football fans.

Cincinnati was ranked No. 8 out of the 142 largest U.S. cities analyzed by the web site.

WalletHub based the study off 11 key metrics with corresponding weights:
  1. Number of NFL & College Football (FBS) teams: 1
  2. Performance quality of teams (No. of wins/total games played): 2
  3. Average ticket price for an NFL game and minimum season ticket price for a college football game: 2
  4. Stadium accessibility (city population/stadium capacity): 0.5
  5. Number of championships won: 1
  6. Number of division championships won: 0.5
  7. Number of sports bars per capita: 0.5
  8. Fan friendliness and engagement per capita (number of Twitter followers + number of Facebook likes): 1
  9. Franchise value (Team estimated value in $Million): 0.5
  10. Attendance (Average home-fan attendance/arena capacity): 0.5
  11. Viewership rankings (Percentage of adults in team's market who have watched, listened to or attended a game in the past 12 months): 0.5

Cincinnati tied for No. 5 in Best performing NFL teams and No. 4 in most accessible NFL stadium.

Green Bay, Wis was ranked the best city for football fans and Las Vegas, Nev was ranked last.

You can read the entire study here:

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