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List: Save on cruises

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 Even if you received a good deal on that Spring Break cruise, you'll find the prices add up fast once you set sail. Check out these cost-cutting measures compiled by USA TODAY.

Take advantage of the freebies: There's a lot of free stuff on cruises, you just have to find it. Namely, the free drinks. Servers may walk around with trays of cocktails at on board art auctions and other events.

Free Ice Cream: Yes, you heard that right. Most cruise ships have free soft serve, so eat up! Experts suggest you skip the gelato on name brands the cruise shops may have and instead stick with the ice cream offered at the buffet.

Bring your own wine: Most ships will not allow you to bring your own liquor on board, but experts say Holland America and a few other select ships allow you to pack a bottle. 

Get beauty treatments before hand: Pedi and mani prices could nearly double once you get on the ship! In fact, few on board beauty treatments come at a reasonable price. While they may be a tempting vacation indulgence, experts suggest skipping the spa.

Look for restaurant deals: Experts suggest looking for dining packages rather than paying for single meals at separate restaurants. 

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