Woman Attacked in Daylight

Investigators say it could've happened to anyone, still they're surprised it happened the way it did.
Warren County Sheriff's investigators say an 18-year-old woman pulled her car over to the side of the road on southbound Route 48 because she it having problems. Soon after a man pulled up behind her and offered to help. When she declined, investigators say the man tried to rape her. All this in the broad daylight, just before 11 am Tuesday.
"Middle of the day basically," Capt. John Newsom of the sheriff's department says. "[It's] very unusual."
Capt. Newsom says the man hit the woman and tried to cut her clothes off, before leaving the scene. He says the victim spent much of the day in the hospital.
Because it happened in public during the middle of the day, and on a busy road, investigators hope there were witnesses. But they're also calling on area construction workers. The victim described the man's car as a large white pick-up truck. She said there was lumber or siding hanging out the back. A Home Depot is nearby, so investigators believe the man is in construction.
"We would like construction workers to be aware of their fellow workers," Capt. Newsom says. "Somebody that might have been returning to work between 11 and 11:30 or even noon. Or maybe was supposed to come to work for the afternoon and didn't show up."
Newsom says the suspect is a white man with brown hair and a goatee. The victim describes him as about 30 years old. If you have any information on this crime, call the Warren County Sheriff's Department at 513-695-1280.