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Hotel with history of police calls under new management

(PHOTO: FOX19/ Brett Hoffland) (PHOTO: FOX19/ Brett Hoffland)

A motel in northern Kentucky with a history of police calls and the recent site of a deadly officer involved shooting, is now under new management.

Florence police responded to more than 300 9-1-1 calls last year at the formerly known Super 8 Motel on Dream Street. But now it's the Florence Aston Hotel.

More than 650 residents signed a petition because they wanted to see something change with the motel. Now the motel is no longer affiliated with Super 8, and it was Carlos Hall's first day as the new general manager.

"I've spent some time here today and I don't see that terrible picture. I see a nice, clean hotel that needs a little TLC," said Hall.

About two months ago, police responded to the Super 8 in Florence for reports of drug activity. When inside, police say 16-year-old Richard Lee Patton Jr. fired shots at an officer. Seconds later, Patton Jr. took his own life.

That week, Aaron Gillum started a petition demanding some changes, and he says this is progress.

"This is yet another management change and we've seen this before so I remain skeptical but encouraged," said Gillum, a Florence resident.

But Hall is confident, he's the guy to turn it all around because he has a history of re-building troubled hotels and restaurants.

"I'm going to spend some nights here, I'm going to spend some weekends and I'm doing all that to get a real picture of what's taking place here at the hotel," said Hall.

Hall says Monday he instituted new rules including routine checks at all the exits, and guests must only enter through the main lobby. A 'do not rent' list is also a tool provided by the city to weed out potentially troublesome tenants.

Monday Hall said he went around and met about 50 of the weekly guests, calling it "a good start".

"They're certainly not people that I feel would be a problem. If I did get that feeling, I'd figure out a way to show them the door," said Hall.

"That kind of frontage is prime real estate so there's really an opportunity to turn this around and make it an asset to the city as opposed to kind of the black eye that we've had," said Gillum

Florence Police say they do not have any reports of 9-1-1 calls at the hotel in the last several weeks.

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