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Reality Check: XL Keystone Pipeline=Higher Tri-State Gas Prices?


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is urging President Obama to sign the bi-partisan “jobs and infrastructure bill” which is on its way to the House of Representatives for a vote next week, legislation better known as the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill which the President has said he's going to veto. 

The President, not just at odds with republicans. Nine senate democrats voted in favor of the XL Pipeline including West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

“I want an all-in energy policy…I want our country to be energy independent…I want us to be secure as a nation…I don't want us to be dependent on foreign oil,” Manchin said. 

At the center of the political stalemate is the potential negative environmental impact; specifically, climate change and the ecological fallout from a break in the pipeline. But what hasn't made many headlines is the XL Pipeline's economic impact--particularly on motorists here in the Tri-State.

According to two separate and comprehensive studies; one conducted by Cornell University, the other by advocate group Consumer Watchdog, if the XL Pipeline is built gas prices are likely to go up, between 25 and 40 cents per gallon and here's why: Midwest refineries produce more gasoline than in any other region of the country. We get more than half of our heavy crude oil from Canada. The XL Keystone Pipeline would divert the majority of the tar sands crude to refineries on the gulf coast of Texas. By pumping oil to Texas and away from the Midwest the amount of gasoline available locally falls. 

The less gas available, the more we pay for it—simple supply and demand economics. The bill is expected to be on the President's desk as early as next week. Should he make good on his promise and veto it four more democratic votes in the senate would override his veto thus paving the way for the XL Keystone Pipeline to be built and potentially forcing all of us here to dig a little deeper at the pump. And that's Reality Check.

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