Students & Lindner Family Return From South Asia

A group of Tri-State students and the Lindner family are back in Cincinnati after a successful humanitarian aid trip to South Asia. The Global Peace Ambassadors plane touched down at CVG Wednesday afternoon after spending a week delivering relief supplies to tsunami victims. A group of 20 Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy students helped repair an orphanage in India and spent time with children who don't know if their parents are missing or dead. Rachael Tracy said, "It was good to share a common bond not only through being children and being young and wanting to play but also in God." Tracy and the 19 other students say they got little sleep and worked hard. The India orphanage is now home to more than 1,000 children. Carl Lindner, III says another relief mission to help tsunami victims using the Global Peace Ambassadors 747 will happen within the next week. The Lindner family is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to make the trip happen.