Too Much Snow

Snow brings skiers to Sierra slopes - if they can get there

Unrelenting snow in the Lake Tahoe region along the California-Nevada line has residents and merchants saying: Enough already. It's been snowing since just after Christmas. There are breathtaking skiing conditions for those who can get to the slopes. The National Weather Service says it's the largest storm in the Reno-Tahoe area since 1916. The highest elevations have 19 feet of snow. One lodge manager calls it "ridiculous amounts of snow." The weight of the accumulation has collapsed carports, barns and the Salvation Army warehouse. Schools are closed. Sunday services have been called off. Some nonessential government workers have been given an unexpected holiday. Skiers would be ecstatic if they can get there. But airports have had to close to plow runways, and Interstate 80 and US highway 50 have been clogged.