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Oxford police searched shooter before murder-suicide

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Level 27 Apartment (PHOTO: FOX19/ Shawn Lanier) Level 27 Apartment (PHOTO: FOX19/ Shawn Lanier)
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Oxford police released new details about what happened moments before a Miami University student was killed.

21-year-old Rebecca Eldemire was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend Larry Tipton last weekend.

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Oxford Police Sgt. Jon Varley says 27-year-old Larry Tipton didn't have any weapons on his person last Saturday night, when three officers were waiting for him at the Level 27 apartment complex. Police were waiting for him after 21-year-old Rebecca Eldemire called police earlier in the day- to say her ex-boyfriend was on his way from Columbus and she was a bit worried. Officials say Tipton arrived in Oxford just before 10 p.m.

"The officer at that point asked Tipton for a consensual search of his person and a bag that he was carrying and Mr. Tipton allowed them to search," said Sgt. Jon Varley.

Left unsearched, however, was his car. Police say he did eventually go back out to get something.

"Shortly after midnight, Mr. Tipton went down to his vehicle to retrieve a plant that he stated he had brought for Ms. Eldemire," said Sgt. Varley.

Police say they didn't search his car, because they didn't have probable cause.

"There had been no threats of violence, no history of violence," said Sgt. Varley.

On Sunday morning, Eldemire and Tipton were both found dead in the apartment. Police say two suicide notes were left by Tipton, one in Columbus and one in Eldemire's apartment.

"We don't expect this type of thing to happen and for it to happen to a young person is definitely upsetting," said Sgt. Varley.

On Tuesday, Eldemire's family says the Junior geography major had a passion for life, and will be sorely missed.

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"I miss you so much sweetheart and I just want to hug you and hold you," said Marlene Eldemire, Rebecca's mother.

Police say they did confiscate the revolver from the scene. As far as the investigation goes, Oxford police say it's pretty much wrapped up.

Police say this is the first homicide in the city of Oxford in more than 30 years.

Eldemire's family has created the Rebecca C. Eldemire BEEPS Foundation. The Betterment for Environmental and Earth Protection is a foundation based on Rebecca's passion for sustaining the plant. She was a double major in geography and geographic-information systems.

Contributions can be made at Chase Bank, 8605 S. Mason Montgomery Rd., Mason, OH 45040. Checks to Rebecca C. Eldemire.

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