Mudslide Survivor Recalls Horror

Mudslide survivor recalls horror from hospital bed

A survivor of Monday's deadly mudslide in Southern California says he remembers seeing a raging river of mud barreling his way, and then he ran.

Greg Ray says he jumped between two parked car to escape a trailer riding the wave of debris that was about to crush him. He was stuck there for three hours while rescuers dug him out. He calls them "angels." It wasn't until the next day while recovering from surgery on his right leg that he learned his two friends were killed in the torrent. Ray had gone to La Conchita to help a friend move because they knew the soggy hillside was unstable. He said they "knew the mountain was coming down."

A mudslide in 1995 had buried nine houses in mud. He says he doesn't know why he survived while ten others died.