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Legal pot proposal could bring grow sites to greater Cincinnati

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Legalizing marijuana in Ohio could be in the hands of registered voters this November.

The group 'ResponsibleOhio' is pushing for there to be 10 grow sites across the state where marijuana can be grown, three of which would be in the Tri-State.

On Monday, organizers including Dominic Ali, were out getting signatures for a proposed amendment that would possibly legalize the drug. Ali wants to let Ohioans decide if the state should open pot manufacturing plants, stores, and medical dispensaries while making the drug legal for recreational use for adults 21 and older, and for medical use.

"There's actual empirical evidence that marijuana has had positive, positive effects when it comes to dealing with health issues," said Ali.

'ResponsibleOhio' has to get one-thousand signatures by next Monday. If accomplished, Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine has to approve the ballot language.

"Just informing individuals about what's going on. They have a lot of misconceptions about things, but we can always look at what other states have done," said Ali.

But Mary Haag with Prevention First doesn't believe this is something voters should decide.

"We believe that it needs to go through the FDA process so that it can be measured for dosage, and side effects, and drug interactions just like we do any other kind of medications," said Haag.

Haag stresses marijuana is addictive.

"The THC content in today's marijuana is much stronger," said Haag.

For years, funding has been a major road block in putting marijuana on the ballot. But 'ResponsibleOhio' is in the process of securing money from wealthy investors, who would operate the 10 grow sites.

Charles Jones is fully against this saying only 10 grow sites would put a monopoly on the industry. He believes everyone should be allowed to grow.

"If you sign this petition, you are allowing corporate America to make more money when you need it for medical purposes like I do," said Jones.

Pending DeWine's approval, 'ResponsibleOhio' will then have to collect about 306,000 signatures before July 1st to put this issue in the hands of voters.

'ResponsibleOhio' has outlined three grow sites in the Tri-State. In Hamilton County, it'd be off of Broadwell Road in Anderson Township. The Butler County farm would be off of Todhunter and Yankee roads in Middletown. The Clermont County grow site would be along Winding Creek Boulevard in Batavia.

'ResponsibleOhio' said just here in Cincinnati they've gotten a few hundred signatures thus far.

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