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Adam 'Pacman' Jones apologizes for casino incident

(PHOTO: FOX19 File) (PHOTO: FOX19 File)

Adam 'Pacman' Jones apologized on his Instagram account for the role he played in an incident at the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg earlier this week.

Lawrenceburg Police said there was an issue at the casino involving Jones early Wednesday morning. Jones and his friends were escorted out of the casino by police.

The Instagram post read:

"Life is a learning experience and the more I live the more I learn. I also realize that actions of mine, which I think are innocent, may be interpreted by other people as otherwise and that as a public figure I owe it to my fans, family and supporters to act with the utmost class and dignity at all times."

Dearborn County Jail confirmed that the cornerback-return specialist was not arrested or charged in the incident.

Jones finished his instagram post saying he wanted to be seen as a great and humble father, husband, person and Bengal.

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