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Tri-State reacts to record snowfall day

(PHOTO: FOX19 Brett Hoffland) (PHOTO: FOX19 Brett Hoffland)
FOX19 - The Tri-State is cleaning up as many communities received several inches of snow.

Many believe it has been a mild winter but that isn't stopping some from enjoying a snow day.

"It's nice. I love the snow, I love the cold weather. Keep the snow coming mother nature, keep it coming," said northside native Devin Thompson.

"Not having snow this winter has been kind of strange so having this is nice," said Zach Milligan from Cincinnati.

While the snow may be slowing vehicles down on the road, some have elected to avoid the streets altogether.

"It's slow up and down the street, everybody out here creeping," said Thompson.

"I think it's pretty messy now and I think it's going to get worse overnight," said Milligan.

Several communities declared a snow emergency, and Zach Milligan is one of many who had the day off from work or school so he spent the afternoon sledding.

"I'm hoping that it keeps on snowing, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a foot so that I don't have work tomorrow as well," said Milligan.

"You're not supposed to drive in it, you're supposed to go out and play in it," said Thompson.
These are the busiest for some people. As the snow continued to fall throughout the day on Monday, road crews tried to clear off the interstates and streets. Hardware stores including Ace in Clifton were busy dishing out all the essential tools to clean up.

"When they do come in they're buying shovels and sleds and we're almost out of sleds," said Ace employee Kendra Eastman.

Kendra Eastman says they see a steady stream of customers during winter storms, but adds their salt sales have been a different story compared to last year.

"We stocked up this year because of last year so we have plenty," said Eastman.

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