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Petition asks marijuana to be grown in homes

(PHOTO: FOX19 File) (PHOTO: FOX19 File)
FOX19 - The group behind the petition to legalize marijuana in Ohio wants it to be legal for adults to grow marijuana in their homes.

'Responsible Ohio' plans to revise their original proposed amendment to allow anyone over 21-years-old be able to grow pot. The new proposal would not allow the growers to sell the marijuana and would have to ensure anyone under 21-years-old would not be accessible to the pot.

Earlier this week, 'Responsible Ohio' delivered 1,000 signatures to Attorney General Mike Dewine's office in attempt to legalize marijuana.

Under 'Responsible Ohio's' plan anyone over 21-year-old , who can pass a criminal background check, can own and operate a marijuana retail store. There would be more than 1,100 licenses will be available. All marijuana would be taxed at a 15 percent flat rate.

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