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Schools make tough decisions when weighing snow delays

KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - School superintendents over the Tri-State are keeping a close eye on the forecast.

Overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, the temperatures will be bone-chilling, the roads will be slick and the snow should be flying. It's the perfect recipe for another day off school, or maybe a delay.

While crews head out to treat those roads, officials in at least one local school district will be alongside them. They won't be spreading salt or plowing through ice and snow. They'll be deciding if students will hit the hallways or stay home like they've been doing for days now.

"Friday and Tuesday were snow days for the Kenton County School District,” said Jess Dykes, Director of Public Information and Community Engagement for the Kenton County School District.

Wednesday could be the same old story.

"We've got people that will be up driving those roads at 3:30 in the morning. We'll be in contact with the road crews in Kenton County, with the other superintendents in the Northern Kentucky area to help make an educated decision,” said Dykes.

When they make that decision Wednesday morning, they'll make it with another concern in mind. If they call it another day off for students, the district would burn their fifth, and final, snow day.

"Right now, we've used four of those snow days. So, we have one more day left before we have to start tacking on days to the end of the school year,” Dykes told FOX19 NOW.

Do school officials want to avoid it?


But, the decision to finally turn the lights on, and unlock the doors, is a simple one.

"We want to be in school. But, the bottom line is safety is going to be the number one concern,” Dykes said.

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