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Snowfall makes I-75 commute difficult in Northern Kentucky

(PHOTO: FOX19/ Gordon Graham) (PHOTO: FOX19/ Gordon Graham)
NORTHERN KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Snow created treacherous conditions for Northern Kentucky commuters Wednesday.

Interstate 75 was littered with abandoned vehicles that, for one reason or another, couldn't withstand the frigid morning commute.

Many motorists found themselves stuck in traffic for longer than they planned.

“I spent a significant amount of time this morning getting in myself. Almost an hour and a half to go six miles,” said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokeswoman, Nancy Wood.

As traffic crept along I-75 at glacial speeds, Wood said she had some familiar company.

“It was sad because I saw our salt trucks sitting there too so all the traffic out there made it very difficult for our crews to get out there and do what they're supposed to be doing.”

Road crews help motorists avoid traffic jams but Wednesday morning, commuter Edward Ormsbee of Florence, Ky. said he was caught in gridlock.

“Very slow, very, very slow. Coming in from Florence about three and a half hours just to reach Covington,” said Ormsbee

Jason Walls of Independence, Ky. said his commute was long and somewhat scary.

“It was pretty messy. We came up Turkey Foot and then hopped on 275 which was worse than Turkey Foot. A lot of people slipping and sliding in front of us. It took us about twice the amount of time to get where we were going,” said Walls.

Road crews on both sides of the river will be working around-the-clock to plow snow and apply salt until the highway is clear.

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