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Reds catcher on Mat Latos: "Face it like a man"

Pena at training camp on Tuesday. (FOX19/J.Danneman) Pena at training camp on Tuesday. (FOX19/J.Danneman)

The reaction to recent comments by former Reds pitcher Mat Latos isn't finished... not if Brayan Pena has a say.

The Reds catcher roasted his former teammate for comments made to FOX Sports that accused team trainers of rushing players back too quickly from injury and even questioned the clubhouse leadership.

"I think that was very weak. I think that was very soft," said Reds catcher Brayan Pena Tuesday at Reds spring training in Arizona. "He put a lot of people's reputation in jeopardy. That's not fair."

Pena, who won the Joe Nuxhall Good Guy Award last season for his cooperation with the media, joked he might lose his title for his unprompted reaction.

"I'm very upset. I lost all respect for that guy. I don't know if someone is going to fine me or something, but that's the way I feel. This is America. I can say whatever I want."

Pena called the accusations "lies" and was most upset Latos aired any grievances publicly.

"It was sorry," Pena added. "It was sorry to read that. If you had an issue, you have to go out there and face it like a man. Don't hide behind a newspaper or a mic."

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