Springer On The Radio

(AP & WXIX) Listeners to Jerry Springer's radio talk show didn't hear the fist fights and bleeped foul language that appear fairly regularly on his television show. But they did hear views not usually heard in the traditionally conservative realm of talk radio. Springer debuted his new talk show Monday in Cincinnati. The former Cincinnati mayor promised to provide unabashed liberal views countering the positions of the Bush administration. Springer called the war in Iraq immoral and said it appears to be focused on which faction of the Muslim religion will control the country. Springer's show kicked off the conversion this morning of former station WSAI AM and its oldies rock music programming to the new WCKY AM and an all-talk format. National radio powerhouse Clear Channel owns WCKY. It said it plans to offer Springer's radio show to other markets for syndication in the upcoming months. Springer tells FOX 19 that his show is officially syndicated. A Detroit station is picking up the program.